About us

Our family has been in the tourism  business for more than 40 years. We are very happy every guest in our Guesthouse and we work hard to create an ambience in which you feel relaxed and comfortable

You can spend your holiday in our Apartments from May until October. We offer accommodation in peaceful ambience, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. Along the seaside is a walking path which leads all the way to Piran and even further to Portorož.

Martina Opara, the Owner

Guesthouse Opara is located only about 350 m from the sea and 500 m from the center of Piran. Situated on top of Fiesa we have a wonderful view over the Gulf of Trieste and the Alps. We offer accommodation in 3 apartments and 3 rooms with private bathroom. Rooms also have the option to use the summer kitchen on the terrace.

Rok Opara, Oenologist

The character of our wines has changed intensively in recent years with the introduction of newer, more modern processes of wine production, as Rok, a Master of Food Science, started to work in the cellar. The goal of our winemaking is to produce boutique wines of high quality, and the first step in this direction is the Creation line, where we present mature wines of older vintages. Our new product is also Rose sparkling wine from the Sparkle line, and in the future we intend to expand our product range with new products.

Opara Winery

Our family deals also with wine productions in the Dolenjska region where we cultivate 3 ha of vineyard now for 3rd generations in a row. We produce a wide variety of wines, from fresh dry Welschriesling and Blue Frankisch, half dry Rosé and semi-sweet Yellow Muscat, to more structural and maturated wines like Pinot blanc and Blue frankisch creation. We also expanded our line of wines with the sparkling wine Rosé. An assortment of our products is available in the Guesthouse Opara and you can find it in the fridge in summer kitchen.